The Bolga Baskets are Here

These Colorful Woven baskets are one of many signatures to Ghanian Culture.   They were originally used as farming tools and containers to separate grain to make flour.  Today Bolga Baskets are not just practical but are becoming more and more popular with it's brighter colors, handles, and shapes.  You can find them in every configuration.  They can be used for shopping , storing, washing or simply a way to accent the splendor of any room in the house.  Be sure to grab one for yourself.  They make amazing shoppers!  Bolga Baskets are the new tote.  Let's be honest, real Bolga Baskets are made from grass, just like the ones we have here at Tribal Visits. 
Proper care  for your Bolga Baskets is important.  The more you use your basket, the  time will come when you'll need to reshape it.  Always remember when reshaping your basket, thoroughly wash it using COLD water.  Shake out the excess water and place it in a warm place to dry.  We recommend NOT placing wet items on a surface where dye transfer might occur.  This process of reshaping can be repeated as often as needed.  Pick a Bolga Bag up today.  Limited supplies only.   -CEO of TribalVisitsFlower   

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