Tribal Visits Flower

Afro Glam with a Tribal Twist! Jewelry & Handbags with primal appeal. Shop looks that add Culture and Art to your world. Look your part!



Tribal Visits Flower

Tribal Visits is multicultural Afro- accent jewelry. AFro Glam with a Tribal Twist.

Create artistic looks with our nature inspired pieces.

TribalVisits reflects art and culture in accessories.

 We want women every where to have enough choices to make a feminine, unique,and artistic statement.

All our pieces are hand crafted designs made from earthen materials like wood sand and seeds.


Afro Glam

Afro Glam is the absolute freedom to express the beauty of your unique culture through afro accessories,Afro Glam!

Tribal Visits is multicultural afro- accent jewelry that awakens the style of your native soil.

I Love Tribal Visits

There is nothing on my website that I would not wear myself. I hand select every piece . If you see it featured, you are looking at my favorite things.

-Adriene Fields(Founder of Tribal Visits Flower)

July Article 2022

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