African Influence on Fashion

We have to confess, had it not been for Africa, fashion would be lost.  Fashion as we know it would be a colorless and predictable shame.   According to Sirani's Fashion,(Website), "Modern African clothing is a fusion of traditional African clothing with contemporary styles"  If it wasn't for Ankara prints, Kaftans, Dashikis, Gold chains and much more, 2023 would be stuck with tube tops, jeggings and tunics. (nothing against tunics)  Likewise we at embrace a similar concept that African and African style accessories  should be fused  with contemporary looks that create a unique look  that is  most distinguished and incomparable.    We bring together styles from Kenya, Italy, Ghana and naturally the United States.   So the question is, can fashion truly progress without  African influence?  Indubitably. No.  Visit us today, Scroll down and subscribe for sales and deals.

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