Collection: Bags for Baps Fundraiser ( I am My Sister's Keeper Wilmington)

In Honor of Women's History Month, Support a cause that gives back to women of the future! "I am My Sister's Keeper" Wilmington Chapter.  Throughout the month of March whenever you purchase an item from the "Bags for Baps"  Collection you are not just looking good, you are doing so much good!

  My Sister's Keeper, points at risk youth in the right direction.  It gives them goals and  provides services and activities that enable them to achieve self confidence, academic success  and keys to emotional health?  How do they do it you say?  They Do it through group workshops, individual career portfolios, guest  professionals  from  universities and companies, and most importantly rites of passage. 

Throughout March when you buy anything from the Bags for Bags for Baps collection, 25% of all profits during this month will gp to "I am My Sister's Keeper!

Look Good and Do Good at the same time.

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