Womens History Month ( I am My Sisters's Keeper)

During the Month of March,  I'm not going to talk about the latest bag or changes to the website.   I want to share something that I believe is way more important.  For Women's History Month It is important for us to recognize an organization that I have been a volunteer with since 2019.  It is an organization that has greatly affected my very own daughter.  Needless to say it is positively affecting the course of young women everywhere.   I'm talking about "I am My Sister's Keeper ( MSK) the Wilmington Delaware Chapter.  This Organization gathers Teenage Females, some "@risk"  some not, but all in transition to womanhood.  They meet twice a month by zoom or in a layered socially distanced  space.  Once they  are fed a  breakfast of champions like fruit sausage, eggs, french toast. etc, they then spend hours with guest from universities and companies who give them keys to leadership, career and emotional health.   They are warned on the dangers of sex trafficking and so much more.  The young woman are encouraged to analyze important events of their lives which may or may not be discussed at home.  During these many months of quality time, the ladies are then led into 3 stages of rites of passage that solidifies everything they've learned.  I believe this organization is  the answer  to many  problematic social issues of young women today.  Goals at MSK include self confidence, life skills and Academic success through tutor referrals.  Learning the Importance of Sisterhood through Community is the key here.   Not to mention,  the Services that the girls get, like career portfolios and development opportunities are completely free.   No fees are ever taken from any member.   Did I mention It's run by the Power House President and Founder Charlotte Miller Lacy.  She is as motherly as she is professional.  My Sisters Keepers has ignited and kept the attention of many young girls in our community consistently for the past 6 years.   Join me in celebrating Women's History Month by helping Future Women. 

During the month of March, please purchase anything from the " Bags for Baps" collection @ TribalVisits.com and we will donate  25% of all profits to this brilliant organization called ”My Sisters Keeper. Updates will be shared daily on Instagram @tribeofdaisies. 



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